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Many of our faculty members conduct research in a variety of settings and frequently publish and present results at respected conferences and in well-known journals. In addition, members of the XA faculty participate in exhibitions of their work world-wide. Recent research topics and exhibitions by our faculty include topics such as: 

  • Social Media & Disaster Response
  • Digital Humanities & Rhetoric
  • Design Pedagogy
  • Project Management & User Experience
  • Fandom & Participatory Culture
  • Website and Mobile Application Development
  • The user experience of online courses
  • Educational Technology Development
Our faculty frequently works with students interested in experience architecture research. One of the many faculty-student collaborative research organizations at the College of Arts and Letters is WIDE Research Center. WIDE (Writing, Information, and Digital Experience) is a research center in the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University. Our work is in collaboration with researchers across the College, the University, and the World. WIDE welcomes new partnerships and ideas that align with the mission to create new opportunities and new knowledge about digital communication, promote the transfer of discoveries, and have an impact on the world.
For more information about WIDE Research Center please go to: http://wide.msu.edu or contact Dr. Liza Potts.