Our Alumni

Rebecca Meyer

Rebecca Meyer ('20)
2020 Co-Experience Architecture Student of the Year

Rebecca Meyer is an Experience Designer working to create empathetic and meaningful experiences that connect people across digital and physical spaces. She is interested in creative storytelling, systems thinking, and user experience research in order to understand the big picture before developing a strategy that supports sustainability, accessibility, and usability. While catering to client or user aesthetic, she is focused on designing democratic experiences that support both people and the environment through a holistically guided approach. She also looks to explore what the intersection of lifestyle branding, environmental sustainability, and the human experience can look like.

Sam Bloch

Sam Bloch ('20)
2020 Co-Experience Architecture Student of the Year

Sam Bloch is a User Experience Designer who helps clients find comfort in their technology, and introduce digital leverages to meet objectives. He believes his responsibility is to support users as well as to assist his team members in working smarter, not harder––whether that is as a content creator or a content supporter. His specialties include digital media, consumer behavior, brand awareness, graphic design, aesthetic enhancement, and many forms of hard and software troubleshooting.

Alexis Sanders

Alexis Sanders ('20)

Alexis Sanders graduated from the Experience Architecture program in 2020. She is a user experience designer and a web designer who values usability and accessibility.

Krubel Habteyes

Krubel Habteyes ('20)

Krubel Habteyes is currently working as an accessibility expert. He is very passionate about mental health in the workplace and strives to foster and support such positive industry spaces.

Picture of Zach Bohenick

Zach Bohenick ('20)

Zach Bohenick has a degree in Experience Architecture and is a Product Designer at Ford X. He is interested in developing a more intuitive, usable, and accessible world.

Anderson Day

Anderson Day ('19)

Anderson Day graduated with a degree in Experience Architecture in 2019. He has presented at the Accessible Learning Conference and IgniteUX MI. He currently is a software engineer at Target where he focuses on issues related to accessibility.

Alexia Kienitz

Alexia Kienitz ('19)

Alexia Kienitz believes in using empathy to connect and deliver the best product possible for users and stakeholders. She does this through strategic design and agile workflow while also focusing on  accessibility and designing what is best for all users.

Erin Campbell

Erin Campbell ('19)

Erin Campbell was selected as the 2019 Experience Architecture Student of the Year. She is passionate about empowering people through accessible and inclusive design. Her work explores the use of digital tools to help communities visualize others’ lived experiences in an attempt to cultivate empathy and enact systemic change.

woman in black shirt and big earrings

Valeria Obando ('19)

Valeria Obando works as a web developer for the College of Education at Michigan State University. She works with the communications team to create accessible and seamless digital environments based on User Experience principles.

woman in front of tree

Kate Whalen ('19)

Kate Whalen is a Product Designer on the Human Centered Design team at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI. She has a strong passion for accessibility, design thinking, and ethnographic research.

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Ashton Keys ('18)

Ashton Keys was selected as the 2018 Experience Architecture Student of the Year. During his time at MSU, Keys was involved in many impressive projects, working on content strategy with MSU Hatch, user research with the MSU Libraries, and user interface with Ninety6, a clothing company which he founded.

Picture of Hannah Countryman

Hannah Countryman ('18)

Hannah Countryman is an experience and interaction designer with degrees in Experience Architecture and Professional Writing. She believes in a flexible approach to design thinking that is conscious of each project’s unique context.

Picture of Linda Lay

Linda Lay ('18)

Linda Lay has degrees in Experience Architecture and Biosystems Engineering. She is a Technical Services Analyst with a background centered in Design for America and The MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology.

Darrell Williams

Darrell Williams ('18)

Darrell Williams graduated from Experience Architecture on 2018. He is passionate about usability and accessibility. He is also the co-founder and president of the non-profit Lawson Porter Scholarship Foundation.

Picture of Tommy Truong

Tommy Truong ('17)

Tommy Truong has a long history in computer science and user experience and he enjoys applying those technological skills into his current engagements in user research and the humanities. 

Picture of Ryan Schroeder

Ryan Schroder ('17)

Ryan Schroder is interested in the website and app development part of Experience Architecture. He has experience coding websites and his long term goal is to be a project manager or website manager that oversees distributed groups.

Picture of Megan Richardson

Meg Richardson ('16)

Meg Richardson credits her time in the MSU XA program as giving her the skills in research, writing, design, and more that allow her to craft experiences that are usable, accessible, and fun. She is currently located in Chicago and working as a Product Designer where she is responsible for UX and visual elements. 

Woman with blue and purple hair earing a dark jacket and a purple and white striped shirt

Shell Little ('16)

Shell Little is a Digital Accessibility Specialist at Wells Fargo DS4B on their Accessible User Experience (AUx) team. She is the Mobile Accessibility Lead along with the SME of the screen reader NVDA on her team. Thanks to XA, she is passionate about User Centered Design, Disability Rights, and Interaction Design.

Picture of Emily Dallaire

Emily Dallaire ('16)

Emily Dallaire is an Experience Architect who is passionate about information design, interaction design, and usability. Not only does she bring a strong passion for experience design and creative interactions, but she also believes in sharing and telling users’ stories through their impact and participation in digital and physical spaces.

Picture of Ian Clark

Ian Clark ('16)

Ian Clark was born and raised in metro Detroit. He is an avid traveller but still loves his home in Michigan. Ian is a proud owner of five spoiled cats and when he’s not busy he enjoys playing ultimate frisbee or browsing Reddit.