College of Arts & Letters Graduates Earn 4.0 GPA Board of Trustees Awards

Ten College of Arts & Letters students are graduating this May with perfect 4.0 GPAs and received Board of Trustees’ Awards for having achieved the highest scholastic average one can receive at the end of their undergraduate careers at Michigan State University. They are among the 179 MSU students recognized this spring by the MSU Board of Trustees for having reached this lofty academic achievement.

During its April 22 meeting, the MSU Board of Trustees presented a record-breaking number of graduating seniors with the Board of Trustees’ Award. All Board of Trustees Award recipients will be recognized during their college commencement ceremonies and at an in-person reception in their honor. They also will each receive a certificate of recognition and $1,000 from the university for their accomplishment.

The following are the Spring 2022 College of Arts & Letters graduates who have received this year’s Board of Trustees Awards:

Alyssa A. DeTorrice

Alyssa A. DeTorrice is earning dual bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Eli Broad College of Business, and Art History and Visual Culture, College of Arts & Letters. A member of the Honors College, DeTorrice is from Wylie, Texas, and attended Lovejoy High School.   

An ambitious undergraduate, DeTorrice completed two study abroad programs, one in Iceland and another in Greece. She also was the President of the Art History Association as well as a Research Assistant under Jon Frey, Professor of Classical Studies at MSU. Leaving Michigan State means even more travels for DeTorrice, who will attend University College London to earn her Master of Arts in Mediterranean archaeology where she looks forward to doing further archaeological research.  

“[At the College of Arts & Letters], I really enjoyed writing and researching my art history thesis on a late Roman vase last semester,” DeTorrice said. “Getting to research and share that information left a huge impact on me.”  

Maddy K. Eischer

Maddy K. Eischer is graduating with dual bachelor’s degrees in Apparel and Textile Design, College of Arts & Letters, and Genomics and Molecular Genetics, College of Natural Science. A member of the Honors College, Eischer is from Brighton, Michigan, and attended South Lyon East High School. She has been a member of the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF), the Pre-Health Honors Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Delta Gamma Chapter, the Fashion Relations team for VIM Magazine, as well as a Co-President in the Fashion Design Student Association.   

While Eischer was not able to complete a study abroad as a student due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer she will be doing an MSU alumni European tour. Following her European tour, she will move to New York City where she will work for the skincare conglomerate SuperOrdinary as a Community Manager before she applies to medical school where she hopes to become a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.   

“My favorite part of being in the College of Arts & Letters has been getting to work with and learn from my peers and faculty, especially my wonderful professors, advisors, and mentors, Rebecca Schuiling and Dr. Therèsa Winge…They have truly made my time in the College of Arts & Letters a fulfilling and energizing experience, and I know they have prepared me well to enter into life after graduation,” Eischer said.   

Stephanie J. Garcia

Stephanie Garcia is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Humanities-Prelaw and minors in Chicano/Latino Studies, French, Philosophy, and Law. A member of the Honors College and the College of Arts & Letters’ Citizen Scholars Program, Garcia is from West Bloomfield, Michigan, and attended West Bloomfield High School.   

During her time at MSU, Garcia has been an active participant and leader of many organizations at MSU. She has been involved with the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF), Wielenga research scholars’ program, and GRIP, among others. She also gained valuable professional experience as a Research Intern in Buenos Aires, a Spanish language volunteer at CELTA’s CLS, and as a Research Assistant. This summer, Garcia plans to utilize her degree and academic experiences by teaching Spanish and French to teens in CELTA’s Community Language School.   

“[The College of Arts & Letters] introduced me to Citizen Scholars and GRIP, which allowed me to be the change through research,” Garcia said. “My major’s flexibility allowed me to study not only law, but other interests like Political Science and Philosophy.”  

Fiona G. Graham

Fiona Graham is graduating with dual bachelor’s degrees in English (College of Arts & Letters)  and History (College of Social Science). She is from Bremerton, Washington, and attended Olympic High School.   

During her time at MSU, Graham was part of the Michigan State University Tower Guard Class of 2020-2021. Post-graduation, she plans to continue into a master program in the Pacific-Northwest region. After earning her masters, she hopes to become a teacher.  

“My favorite part of being in the College of Arts & Letters is the community that surrounds it,” Graham said. “Everywhere I go there are people who have a passion similar to my own who love to talk and learn together. Being in this college has truly strengthened my love for English.”  

Lacie E. Kunselman

Lacie Kunselman is graduating with dual bachelor’s degree in Professional and Public Writing (College of Arts & Letters) and Public Relations (College of Communication Arts and Sciences). A member of the Honors College, Kunselman is from Gary, Georgia, and attended Mount De Sales Academy.   

During her time at MSU, Kunselman was a co-editor of VIM magazine, a Content Manager at The Cube, Marketing Intern at Women’s Center of Greater Lansing, and a Research Assistant in the Media & Advertising Psychology Lab. After graduation, Kunselman plans to study abroad as part of the Advertising and Public Relations a la Mediterranean program and then will move to Boston to work as an Allocation Analyst at TJX, Inc.  

Julia R. Lutz, Linguistics, College of Arts & Letters. Lutz is from Northville, Michigan, and attended Northville High School.

Sydney J. Schneider, Theatre, College of Arts & Letters, and a member of the Honors College. Schneider is from Portland, Michigan, and attended Portland High School.

Brittnay A. Stahl

Brittnay A. Stahl is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Experience Architecture and a minor in Graphic Design. She is from Brighton, Michigan, and attended Brighton High School.   

During her time at MSU, Stahl participated in the Experience Architecture Club and in a Teach Access Study Away program. Upon graduation, she plans to spend a month backpacking through Europe.   

“One of my favorite experiences has been working with my College of Arts & Letters design team using motion capture software to create virtual reality experiences for a theater class,” Stahl said.

Emma E. Stoolmaker

Emma E. Stoolmaker is earning her undergraduate degree in Art Education with minors in Art History and Visual Culture. She is a member of the Honors College and the College of Arts & Letters’ Citizen Scholars program. From East Lansing, Michigan, Stoolmaker attended Dallastown Area High School.   

During her time at MSU, Stoolmaker served as Vice President of the Clay Club and won first place in the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF) earlier this year. This fall, she has a student teaching position lined up in the Lansing area and looks to prepare for attaining a K-12 certification in art education.  

“Being a part of the College of Arts & Letters, and specifically the Department of Art, Art History, and Design, for the past four years has made me so thankful for community among students,” Stoolmaker said. “Having a consistent group of people to engage in meaningful discussion about one another’s making processes allows for an encouraging and constructive learning process as well as a more personal attachment to the spaces in which I make.”  

Isabella S. Taylor

Isabella Taylor is earning dual bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy (College of Arts & Letters) and Political Science (James Madison College). During her time at MSU, Taylor studied abroad in Italy to learn about arts and culture and participated in Students for Slotkin, an on-campus campaign group to reelect Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin.   

In addition to these activities, Taylor has won numerous awards and accommodations including, but not limited to, MSU Political Science Scholar, Progressive Pipeline 2021 Fellowship Recipient, and 2022 MSU Lewis K. Zerby Prize Award. After graduation, Taylor plans to move to New York City to start an internship with the Brookings Institution, which is a think tank.  

“My favorite part of being in the College of Arts & Letters has undoubtedly been writing my philosophy thesis with Dr. Mask,” Taylor said.   

Written by Annie Dubois and Hannah Diggs