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Ryan Schroder

Ryan Schroder is a sophomore from a little town called East Jordan. He started in XA his freshman year and is very interested in the website and app development part of the major. Ryan has had some experience coding websites. He created a website from scratch with a friend aimed at centralizing all events going on at any given time in the Northern Michigan area. Ryan's long term goal is to be a project manager or website manager that oversees a group of people. "I love being in leadership roles and I would love to be able to continue that in the workforce. My dream job would be with either Google or Apple."

Twitter: @schroeder_ry | Graduating: 2017

Ian Clark

Ian Clark was born and raised in metro Detroit. He is an avid traveller but still loves his home in Michigan. Ian is a proud owner of five spoiled cats and when he's not busy at MSU he enjoys playing ultimate frisbee or browsing reddit.

LinkedIn | Graduating: 2016


Meghan Richardson started as a chemistry major, then eventually made her way to XA via English and Professional Writing. She's currently a web developer for the State News and the Creativity Exploratory. In the future, she hopes to work in user experience, and I'm especially interested in user research.

Graduating: 2016

Tommy Truong

Tommy Truong is currently a senior at Michigan State University, majoring in Experience Architecture (B.A.). With a long history in computer science, he enjoys applying those technological skills into his current engagements in education and the humanities.

Alongside Tommy's studies, he works as Learning Experience Designer at the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology. With this position, as well as an educational trajectory in user experience and Black Studies, he hopes venture into the potential of digital and informal learning in online spaces.

Twitter: @Tommicchi | LinkedIn | Graduating: 2017