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Experience Architecture Degree

The BA in Experience Architecture presents students with a number of opportunities for growth and professional development in developing technological and user experience research skills. Experience Architects are strategists who lead teams in creating products and services in digital and physical spaces. They are skilled technologists who have empathy for people and an understanding of the human experience. 

The XA program combines rhetoric, design, and computer science concepts to help graduates adapt, learn, and lead in innovative workplaces. Students will take about 20 classes in the XA major coursework as well as completing activities throughout their experience at MSU to make up a unique capstone project. Each one of the courses works to help students build skills and a theoretical understanding of things like: user experience, project management, information architecture, software development, interaction design, and content strategy. Coursework in the classroom is often supplemented by experimental or hands-on work necessary in making the transition to future workplaces.