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History of Experience Architecture at MSU

For the past decade, the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) has provided students with opportunities to prepare for careers in Graphic Design (Art, Art History and Design) and in Professional Writing (Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures). The XA faculty across these two departments have found ways to connect their own work and student work across different departments and subjects. Recently, with the development of the Digital Humanities Specialization in CAL, faculty members have been working closely to build on strengths they have developed not only in their academic fields, but also from previous experience with corporate settings as Microsoft, IBM, technology start-ups, and technology consultancies.

Leading CAL faculty in the AAHD and WRAC departments developed plans for new courses that would allow students to pursue work as user experience designers. Following the creation of these new courses, a new major at Michigan State was born, and we hope to continuously expand and improve our program so that XA students can get the most out of their experiences and feel prepared going into their postgraduate careers or graduate study. The founders of this major are CAL faculty members Liza Potts, Rebecca Tegtmeyer, and Bill Hart-Davidson.